Links zu wissenschaftlichen Publikationen

Wir haben hier Links zu interessanten wissenschaftlichen Publikationen für Sie zusammengestellt:

Analgesic efficacy of equimolar 50% nitrous oxide/oxygen gas premix (Kalinox®) as compared with a 5% eutectic mixture of lidocaine/prilocaine (EMLA®) in chronic leg ulcer debridement
Int. Wound Journal, 2017 Aug

Comparison of PHMB-containing dressing and silver dressings in patients with critically colonised or locally infected wounds
J Wound Care, 2012 Jan

Classification of wounds at risk and their antimicrobial treatment with polihexanide: a practice-oriented expert recommendation
Skin Pharmacol Physiol., 2011, Heft 24

Tumescent anaesthesia in combination with femoral nerve block for surgery of varicose veins: prilocaine 0.1% versus 0.2%
Phlebology, 2011 Oct

Recommendations for the use of polyhexanide-containing products for the treatment of wounds
Praxis, 2011 Apr

Unilateral leg swelling: deep vein thrombosis?
Phlebology 2011 Feb

Epidemiology of chronic venous insufficiency–Swiss survey with surprising results
Praxis, 2009 Juli